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Dust extraction for composite materials

Improve work conditions, optimize uptime and safeguard production with Nederman dust extraction solution

Products made of composite materials are increasing strongly in number and include everything from simple features to advanced components. When these materials are cut, milled, machined or polished, they release dust, particles and fibres. The particles are often small enough to enter human lungs or, especially when the material is fibreglass, the dust can penetrate the skin and cause an eczema-like reaction. Lubricants and fluids used in the production of composite materials also generate organic substances and gases that are dangerous when inhaled. 

A clean production environment is essential fot the quality and finish of the product. The smallest particle of dust can have devastating consequenses. Smooth, dust-free surfaces are decisive for achieving maximum adhesion when joining components made of composites. This is why the world's leading car and boat manufacturers buy equipment from Nederman to ensure best results.



Explosion Proof Vacuum Systems explosion proof vacuum systems

A solid piece of any given material is normally safe and non explosive. However, creating a fine dust from the very same material could make it combustible; compare a solid piece of wood to wood dust! Furthermore the finer the dust particles are the more “explosive” they become! 

Many industries handle materials that are or can become explosive! When a combustible material is dispersed as a fine dust and combined with air and an ignition source the potential for a dust explosion increases. 

  • Some examples of combustible materials: 
  • Synthetic organic dust, such as plastic grinding dust, reinforced plastics and other composite materials, powder paint, cosmetics. 
  • Metal dusts – Fine dust of aluminium, magnesium, titanium, chromium. 
  • Organic dust from food industry, such as baking flour, soup powder, spices, sugar. 
  • Pharmaceutical – Large number of powders used in pharmaceutical industries are explosive.

In many parts of the world there have been a number of dust explosions that have destroyed factories, injured or killed people and resulted in production losses and high costs! All of this can be avoided by using the appropriate equipment.


explosion proof fans

Explosion Proof Fans

Nederman NCF DX are powerful central fans with a robust construction of welded steel. The NCF DX is approved for explosive dust in zone 22 in accordance with ATEX directives 94/9 Group 2, Category 3. 

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