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Aget Manufacturing Company

Designing And Building Dust Collectors, Mist Collectors, And Systems For Industry Since 1938.

Aget markets its products through a network of experienced manufacturers' representatives in the United States, Canada and Mexico for a wide variety of dust collection applications. Typical example are woodworking, metalworking, powdered chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food and agricultural processing, among many others. DUSTKOP products are also used for many OEM applications, and are installed in many vocational training centers and school work shops.

The basic DUSTKOP is a cyclone type dust collector, which pulls contaminated air into the unit at high velocity, creating a vortex or cyclone action. Centrifugal forces separate the dry particles from the air stream, and they drop via gravity into a drum or hopper. Clean air can then be recirculated back into the plant, or vented to the outdoors. The DUSTKOP is also offered in a 2-stage system which includes an after-filter unit attached to the cyclone separator for removal of sub-micron particles as small as 0.3 microns.



Cyclone Separators

The cyclone separator is one of the most efficient dust collectors available for its cost. The SN Series cyclones shown here are equipped with top mounted motors and fans which pull contaminated air into the cyclone through the lower side opening. The centrifugal action of the cyclone, created by rapid rotation of the high velocity air stream, forcibly precipitates the dust out through the bottom of the cyclone and into a suitable container for the application. Cleaned air is released through the upper side outlet.






BagHouse Dust Collectors

For filtering fine dust that may pass through cyclone dust collectors or other primary dust collection device. After Filters permit recirculation of cleaned air where allowed for non-toxic applications. They are available open for indoors, or enclosed for outdoor locations. Motor powered filter shakers are standard on the FT64, FT164, FT88, and FT188 series units, and optional to replace the standard manual shakers on all other sizes.

Cotton sateen filter tubes are standard, and optional Napped Cotton Sateen filters are available for fine dust collection applications, with efficiencies down to 0.3 microns possible. Other optional fabrics are available. Other options: automatic shaker control timers, pressure relief panels, explosion proof shaker features, and HEPA filter adapters or HEPA modules for "polishing" discharge air. Larger baghouses are shown below.




Dust Collectors

Aget Filterkop Dust Collector

A Filterkop dust collector will clear the air of very fine dusts, and keep it that way. Utilizing a permanent fabric filter system (baghouse), the Filterkop removes "fines" as small as 0.3 microns from the airstream, and returns cleaned air back to the workplace, or to vent as desired. The system requires no cartridge filters, or cartridge replacement expense.

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